[Can the maternal eat the rooster]_Postpartum_Can I eat

For a long time, everyone thinks that the place with the highest nutritional value of chicken is soup, because the soup has the highest nutritional value, and the others are not very important. In fact, the maternal health of the child after birth will be weak, and the blood and blood are lost too much.Just to drink soup, you should also eat meat. Meat can increase physical strength and nutrition, which is very important.

Can pregnant women eat roosters? For a long time, many people think that women eat hens early after giving birth and drink more chicken soup is a good way to lactate.

And scientific analysis proves that eating hen meat and drinking chicken soup prematurely after childbirth is one of the important reasons for maternal little or no milk.

After delivery, the concentrations of estrogen and progesterone in the blood are greatly reduced. At this time, prolactin begins to play a role in promoting milk secretion.

The ovary and egg coat of the hen contain a certain amount of estrogen. Therefore, premature stewing of hens after delivery will enhance the estrogen effect in maternal blood, weaken the prolactin effect, and even disappear, resulting in insufficient milk.Or no milk.

However, if a stewed big rooster can be eaten postpartum, the replacement maternal milk increases.

Because the male retinal pill contains a small amount of androgen, it has an anti-estrogen effect.

In addition, fewer roosters will help the mother to recover a better body shape, and the baby will not cause diarrhea due to too much milk and feces.

Of course, in the case of 10 and a half months postpartum, the mother can still eat the hen if the milk is excessive.

In addition, if breast milk is found to be unreasonable and breasts are sore, it is not advisable to eat cocks for milking. Instead, you should first unblock the breasts to avoid causing breast inflammation.

Some people think that after the hens are boiled, all the nutrients are dissolved in the soup, so the folks have the habit of giving hen soup to pregnant women without eating chicken.

In fact, chicken broth is both nutritious and has a higher nutritional value.

During the simmering process, only some amino acids, such as glutamic acid, are in the soup. Other ingredients are still in the chicken.

Therefore, eating chicken and drinking chicken soup is conducive to the full absorption of chicken nutrients.

Of course, for pregnant women with poor digestion, they should eat less chicken and drink more soup.