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[How long will the pseudocondyloma disappear?
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In recent years, the incidence of pseudocondyloma is getting higher and higher. Young women are the most common. Both unmarried and married can develop the disease. Pseudocondyloma will disappear by itself.The mutation causes leucorrhea to increase the stimulation, which is usually benign papillary disease, and is not infectious, so pseudogenital warts will heal themselves.

The time for self-healing of pseudocondyloma needs to be determined according to its own situation.

The clinical manifestations of pseudocondyloma are 1?
2 mm-sized papules, reddish, non-recombined; smooth, caviar-like or villi-like, with a grainy feel; distributed on the inner side of the labia minora or the vaginal vestibule.

Generally there are no conscious symptoms or only mild onset of itching, and it is easy to overlap clinically with genital warts.

How long the pseudocondyloma disappearsMan-made treatments for such diseases are ignored.

Can pseudocondyloma be treated without treatment?
Although the pseudocondyloma can not be treated?
But is it recommended to treat pseudocondyloma acuminatum?
But is it recommended to treat pseudocondyloma acuminatum?
More serious complications, such as ulcers, bleeding, etc., and even the possibility of malignant tumors.

Treatment method of pseudocondyloma acuminatum The treatment method of pseudocondyloma acuminatum or cryotherapy, laser treatment can also use the following methods: 1.

Wash the vulva with trichloroacetic acid, dipped a 50% trichloroacetic acid solution with a cotton swab, and gently apply it to the sediment. After 1-2min, rinse the area with normal saline.



Compound Crow Gall Bladder Clam Cleansing Use the compound Crow Gall Bladder Clam to apply daily to the warts. 10 days is a course of treatment, and the cure is 69.

twenty three%.

What causes the onset of pseudocondyloma acuminatum?

1. Pseudocondyloma mostly occurs in the female labia majora, especially the labia minora and the vaginal vestibule. The diameters are mainly symmetrical and densely distributed.
2mm white or pale red pimples, basically not fused, smooth surface, like roe, some also polypoid; 2, pseudocondyloma is not a sexually transmitted disease, some have no sexual history, and some patients even have a history of sexual lifeNo, married patients will not be transmitted to their spouses; 3, pseudocondyloma is a benign proliferation of epidermal cells, which is a variation in human physiological development, has no impact on health, and the development of rash is self-limiting, soThere is no need to use medication, usually only need to pay attention to keeping the genitals clean and dry, and if necessary, can be treated with laser batches.

4, pseudocondyloma occurs in adolescent women, the age of onset is mainly 18?
At age 40, pseudocondyloma has a higher incidence than condyloma acuminatum, with a 16% incidence?
18%; 5. Pseudocondyloma generally does not have obvious conscious symptoms, occasional itching, severe cases may have infections, leucorrhea can increase, and many patients do not know the time when the rash appears.