[How to make green beans]_How to cook_How to cook

Beans are a food that people often come in contact with throughout the year, and green beans are a type of bean.

Although green beans are relatively common, they will not be easy to cook.

Uncooked food is not edible to avoid poisoning.

So you can often observe the production of cooked green beans.

But how can green beans be cooked?

First, how long should the green beans be cooked before they are generally cooked for 5 minutes on high fire.

However, depending on the weather, the time cannot be determined specifically, so the standard for cooking should be a change in color.

Cook until soft and discolored.

You can also try it when you cook it.

Second, the practice of dried green beans 1.

Green beans are better for certain ones, and they are easier to cook.

After washing, choose a growing section and drain the water.

This can be drained, otherwise oil will splash out when frying for a while.

It is a quicker method to absorb moisture with kitchen paper.

Use the drain time to prepare the ingredients.

It takes half a head of garlic. You can add as much as you want.

It takes about 100 grams of pork stuffing, which is delicious and fatter.

Cut the dried peppers into sections and set aside 5.

Add more salad oil after the hot pot, and the green beans should be thoroughly fried, otherwise it will be poisoned. This is very important.

In addition, the green beans are more oily. When the oil is dried out, the flavor of the beans can be fried, which is more delicious6.

Generally stir-fry for 3-4 minutes. Be sure to wait for the wrinkles on the side of the beans, and even some dry skin will become yellow. 7

A small amount of the remaining base oil can be used, and the remaining ones can be used for other vegetables.

Remove the beans, add a small amount of base oil, and stir fry the pork.

After the meat has turned white into meat foam, continue to stir fry. When the foam turns golden, place it on the edge of the wok, add ginger, minced garlic, pepper, and dried peppers and stir-fry. 8

Add a small amount of raw soy sauce, then add the stir-fried beans, add the added salt, and stir fry to get out of the pan